Our Mission:

Help and support the Guide Dogs of America in their mission of providing guide dogs free of charge to blind individuals so that they may pursue their goals with increased mobility and independence


A Guide Dog:

A guide dog is a specially trained dog that acts as a mobility tool to aid blind and visually impaired individuals. They provide independence and confidence in the form of a loving canine companion.



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Funding: Guide Dogs of America does not receive any funding from the Federal, State, or Local Government.




Help make a difference and ride with us for Guide Dogs of America!


Donations:Many local businesses donate time, professional services, merchandise, equipment, printing services, advertising, etc., to help cut our event costs for future events, therefore raising the dollar amount that will be donated to the Guide Dogs of America. In-kind donations are also tax deductible to the full extent of the tax laws.


INDIVIDUAL GIFTS AND PLEDGES:Individuals and businesses alike have donated joyful gifts to the event.


Donations are received through many different avenues:

  • Individual checks & credit cards

  • Employee match programs

  • Monthly contribution commitments

  • In-kind donations

  • Stock Donations

  • Volunteerism

Your contribution and support helps provide guide dogs free of charge to blind individuals. With the gift of a guide dog, men and women are better able to pursue their goals, fulfill their dreams, and participate in their communities. Guide dogs not only provide the gift of increased independence, confidence, and mobility, but they also act as a trusted companion providing new opportunities for social interaction. Help make a difference in the life of a blind individual in the form of a loving, four pawed partner today.



Your Donations!

Your donations help us reach our goals and are tax deductible!


Send your donations to:


IAM&AW District Lodge 751

Attn: Puppy Putt

Lori Dorsey

8729 Airport Rd East

Everett, WA 98204


Please Make Checks Payable To: 


IAM District 751 - Puppy Putt



The cost to provide one guide dog and match it with its new blind partner is about $43,000.00.



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