Our Mission:

Help and support the Guide Dogs of America in their mission of providing guide dogs free of charge to blind individuals so that they may pursue their goals with increased mobility and independence


A Guide Dog:

A guide dog is a specially trained dog that acts as a mobility tool to aid blind and visually impaired individuals. They provide independence and confidence in the form of a loving canine companion.




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Dear Friends,


We would like to introduce you to a wonderful organization, Guide Dogs of America. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers founded Guide Dogs of America in 1947, when one of their retired members, Joseph Jones, Sr., was denied a guide dog due to his advanced age. Since then, Guide Dogs of America has bred, raised and trained some of the world’s most dedicated dogs and paired them with blind individuals of all ages, races and beliefs, from all over the United States and Canada. The freedom and independence a guide dog brings to a blind person is immeasurable.


Guide Dogs of America breeds, raises and trains these dogs at their Sylmar, California facility. After the dog is trained, the blind person is then brought to Sylmar and carefully matched with a guide dog, taking into consideration their lifestyle and environment. In addition, the personalities of both student and guide dog, size, strength, pace of walk and energy levels of each are also matched to ensure a harmonious relationship. Each team is housed at the facility and spends twenty-four hours a day together for twenty-eight days.


Upon completion, an awards ceremony is held for students, dogs, friends and family members. The graduates then return home with their new partner and a renewed sense of freedom and independence.


The cost of breeding, raising, training and finally pairing a quality dog to a blind person is $43,000.  All services, including the guide dog, harness, in-residence training and lifetime follow-up, are free-of-charge to the blind individual. Since their founding in 1947, GDA has graduated over 1,900 guide dog teams throughout the United States and Canada. GDA receives no funding from any governmental agencies. They are solely dependant on donations from individuals, businesses, foundations, clubs, organizations and bequests.


We are just such a group. Our sole purpose is to organize fundraising events to raise money for Guide Dogs of America. Because of the many events we put on, last year we personally were able to give Guide Dogs of America more than One Hundred Sixty Thousand dollars in donations. At the end of every event, we have food, music a motorcycle show and numerous prizes and raffles for everyone's enjoyment.  Please join us on this special day.


Thank you for your generosity!



Why Ride-n-Give?

Guide Dogs of America is a nonprofit organization that is supported by the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and riders like us in their mission to provide loving guide dogs free of charge to the blind and visually impaired.


The cost to provide one guide dog and match it with its new blind partner is about $43,000.00.


Funding: Guide Dogs of America does not receive any funding from the Federal, State, or Local Government.




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